Joshua VanDeBrake

I help companies with web development, digital strategy, and content marketing.
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About Me

I’m a marketer (but not a real marketer), web developer, and a writer. Above all, I’m a problem solver. Current: Sr. Marketing Manager.

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Current Projects

I’m always up to some extracurriculars that interest me — a micro agency, freelance writing, a marketing playbook, learning to code.

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Writing + Publications

I write what I love: marketing, entrepreneurship, business strategy, startups, and VC. And a few people seem to like it.

I’ve been named “Top Writer” 15 times and reached 300,000 people.

Freelance Writing

I help companies (mostly B2B SaaS and Professional Services) connect with potential customers through engaging content.

10+ years in digital, SEO track record, and a passion for content.

Web Design & Development

I LOVE building websites. So, I design and build websites that are mobile-responsive, and loved by users and Google alike.

A few projects:,,,

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