2022 is looking like a big year.

I’m continuing a few things.

In 2022, I’ll continue building a micro marketing agency with the goal of giving real estate professionals access to digital marketing and advertising that’s 10X better than what their competition is doing. And I’m doing more freelance writing — working with interesting companies on their content strategy and production.

I’m also starting some new things.

In 2022, I’m creating a marketing playbook to catalog and give other marketers access to some of the tools, frameworks, resources, and concepts that have accelerated my career. And I’m building a content strategy blueprint to help you make your content more intentional and effective.

Why you’re here.

You’re reading this because you want something different from what everyone else is offering. That’s why I’m here too — to do something different by helping you get better results through smarter strategies. I believe that when it comes down to it, every business has one goal in mind — to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers while building and growing a healthy bottom line. It’s just how they go about doing that that differs between businesses. And we know how important it is not only getting but keeping customers happy so they keep coming back again and again!

My goal is to help you find what works best for you while saving time and money along the way. There are 2 main ways I can help you with that:

1.) Digital Marketing:

If you’re just starting out, I’ll help you establish a solid foundation with the right mindset and tools needed for success so your business can successfully leverage best-in-class digital marketing from the beginning. If your business is up and running or you already have most things figured out, I’ll help streamline what’s working so it doesn’t break down on you.

2.) Content Marketing:

If you’re just starting out with content marketing, I’ll save you from making common mistakes and show you how to make a more intentional impact on your business by designing a smarter strategy. If your content strategy is already up and running and you’re producing content on a regular basis but it’s not performing as well as it should, I’ll help you identify where it can be more effective so the right types of customers are attracted to your brand and become loyal, long-term customers.

Next steps.

If you’re interested in taking your marketing to the next level in 2022, let’s set up a time to chat.

Or just follow me on LinkedIn to follow along the journey.